This last week I finished up a lot of little things. I glazed a bunch of projects, and posted all of them on my website. I'm really sad that this is my last time to take ceramics, I really enjoy this class. I don't really like art, cause I can't draw, at all. But I loved creating things in ceramics. I really enjoyed seeing the progress from the first semester to the last, and getting to keep all this projects to stay at my house or give them to other people to enjoy. I am so proud of all that I have accomplished this last semester. I'll have to come visit Ms. Heideman and throw something for fun:)
This is also one of two lidded projects that i have made and now glazing. This one in the picture has hearts carved in the bottom, half of them have red stain and the others are just clear. The other lidded project that is not pictured is a narrower one with long triangles carved out of the si

This is one of two bowls that are in the glazing process now. This one i just finished glazing dark teal and it's waiting with my teapot to be glazed, there is . I already have one bowl in the glaze kiln now.

I just finished glazing my teapot with green stain and clear glaze. It's waiting to go in the glaze kiln now.

This last week was the last day of playing with wet clay. I finished assembling my teapot and a couple other projects. I worked on my essay and glazed one of my bowls and cleaned.
This week I worked on this teapot. I also made a bowl the is in the kiln now. I worked on my theme project. I finished my outline last week. Monday is last day of wet clay and I hope to get a couple more projects done.
This last week I finished up my cup and got it to the bisque kiln. I worked on a few of my unfinished projects that I had sitting in my locker. I helped the newbies a lot this last week. And I have thought about my theme; still not positive on what I what to do for that yet.
This week I started a couple projects. I'm almost done with the mug in this picture. I glazed a bowl and threw two vases. I'm going to foot them on Monday. I have been thinking about my theme this last wek as well.
This last week I worked on a lot of little things. I glazed a bowl I made, I made a lidded project and bagge it (not quite sure if I really like it), I made two mugs and this narrow vase (the one in the picture) I think it would be really cool if I coul make it into a teapot, but I'm not quite sure if it will work. We'll see what I come up with this week:)
This week I finished a extra choice project, started a cup, a lidded project, and glazed a bowl. I helped some of the newbies start their vases and other project. I helped them to get the shapes right, they don't quite it yet.