People see smmetry everyday. Starting with our bodies, to looking out the window at a car, or a tree, maybe even your nieghbor's dog. They are all smmetrical, some people just don't see it that way. Traveling around the world you can see beautiful painting or sidewalk drawing that are all symmetrical. it doesn't change in different cultures. Most of the time things that weren't meant to be symmetrical are when finished.
           For the theme of symmetry, I chose to do use three similar shapes. The first one is a short, flat, fat and a red little project. It is a very short vase, but wide at the same time. The vase has short dashed lines that go all the way arond the middle part of the vase, the widest part. All of the lines are symmetrical to each other. This project is very simple and symmetrical more than just the lines as well. if you were to cut it in haft like a pizza it would flod and be the same. My second project is another vase,  much taller but has a different symmetrical design.  It is symmetrical by the design, and not only side to side, but also front to back. The last, and certainly not the least is a lidded project. This lidded project has a little knob for a handle and symmetrical line on the lid that exend above the surface. On the base part, it has lines that have been carved into the surface. All of these lines that are on the project have been glazed with blue and the rest is all white.
          All of these projects being made on the wheel, all have been touched to make symmetrical off the wheel. The first one, the short vase was made on the wheel and then I carved short lines with a small loop tool and the glazed completely with tomatoe red. the second project was made on the wheel into a vase and then bisqued and then painted on the symmetrical part being the design. The third project was started on the wheel, both parts, the base and lid. Then after careful consideration I paced thin lines by slipping and scoring and adding then pieces on. For the base I carved out lines that go from where the lid hits the base and all the way to the foot on the bottom.
           Symmetry is really important to me and my lifestyle. Symmetry to me means balanced, order and repeativeness. Which my life seems to have a lot of. I think that is partly like that because I want it to be that way. Symmetry is way that most people will gravitate towards, simple or complex. All of my projects use pretty simple symmetry in them, and shows that symmetry is easy and everywhere. All the toos that I used to make all my projects symmetrical are just helping you, the  viewer, to see things the same way I do. All of my projects could definatly have more then one theme, but my job is to make you see the symmetry in all of them. To make you feel the same way I do about my art. Telling you about these projects makes you think about them, in a symmetrical way.
            I believe that I embrace symmetry in my life because I want to. Saying that symmetry is simple is truly an understatement. Symmetry can be added on to and added on to until it is this big, huge, elaborite piece of artwork that will be around for centuries. Maybe we all need a little symmetry in our lives, to become balanced and beautiful.