Symmetry is used around the world all the time in different places. Youn can travel around the world and still see artwork that has some sort of symmetrical value to it and is sometimes not even meant to be that way, but somrtimes it is. 
     1. What is it?
         The three main projects that I am going to present that complement my theme are, one a very short vase that is glazed red with symmetrical short lines that are around the sides of the vase. The second one is a vase as well but much bigger that I stained colbolt blue and glazed with clear. The third and mostlikely last will be a lidded project that on the lid has lines that were added and on the base has lines that are craved out.
      2. How was it made?
         All of these were made on the wheel. The firts two that I talked about also were hand made, and the third one was just painted on. The tool used to carve things out really enhances the look of the carvings and really makes the the parts of th project stand out from it. Patterns and tools were used to make all these projects symmetrical.
      3. Why s this important?
          All of my projects have a very simple use of symmetry and they all show that it is easy to use symmetry andtell things as they are. Symmetry is used in all of these projects. Symmetry is a large part of my life, and everyone's life. symmetry means order and balance and patterns and repativeness. Symmetry is a part of my life and everyone else's around me ans you. symmetry is way that most people will gravitate towards, simple or complex. The design of my projects is what set my project apart from each other and really make them all symmetrical.
           I think that symmetry is really a big part of my life. It may not be direct but symmetry  represts order and balance and i believe that I am a very balanced person and really embrace the use od symmetry.

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