Theme Statement: My projects involve simply, feminien details and shapes; all my work incorporates simplistic details with a feminine touch. All the designs, shapes ansd glazes all go under the theme; simplistic femininity.

My themed projects:
    - Are all projects that i have started on the wheel. i have either added things to them, taken away or painted on. 
    - Clear teapot and teacups with the red flowers, mug with the dots, small vase with simple design, red striped bowl.

How they were made:
    -Teapot was mas made on wheel in pieces and the teacups were also made on the wheel. I first made the main part of the teapot, the lid and the spout. I then added a flower on the lid of the teapot and carved out flowers in the side of the teapots. These were all put in the kiln after drying completely. I then rinsed and glazed all of them to match. They were all dipped in clear first and then I painted red stain on the edges of the flower on the top of the teapot and the ones on the side of teacups.
    - The mug was made on the wheel and then I added a handle the next day. After that I slipped and scored dots on to the entire out side of the mug. After going through the kiln I glazed it in black and then whipped off the black glaze off the dots and then painted clean over them.
    - The vase was made on the wheel and then footed the next day and i carves out the desin on the sides. I stained the design purple and then dipped in clear after coming out of the kiln.
    - The bowl was made on the wheel and then footed the next day. I painted on red stain in stripes around the outside after glazing clear and going through the kiln.

    - The flowers on the teapot and cups are very simple and the flowers are very feminine
    - The dots on the mug are very simple, they are feminine because of how they were placed on.
    - The size of the vase makes it feminine and the design is very simple.
    - The stripes on the bowl are very simple and the shape is very simplistic and feminine.


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